Find your perfect ceiling tile edge for your modular ceiling design

May 21, 2020

Finding the right acoustic ceiling tile edge that will tie your architectural design together can be a laborious process. There are so many ceiling edges to choose from. Concealed, semi-concealed or visible. Which one is right for you?

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A wealth of ceiling tile edge designs

A beautiful ceiling design can really complement a space and bring the room together - but where to start? For many designers and architects, the journey of choosing an acoustic ceiling begins by wanting to control and mitigate unwanted noise, stopping it from disturbing people.

There are different suspended ceiling solutions available on the market and every tile edge gives you a different aesthetic finish, but modular acoustic ceiling tiles are by far the most common solution we see in many commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, schools and restaurants, just to name a few.

Depending on the acoustic ceiling that you choose, the ceiling edge design can cover your grid or incorporate it into the look of the room by either creating long beautiful lines that dance across the ceiling or simply having it hide in plain sight.

The different tile edges can change the decorative visual of your design. “You can really influence the fit and feel of a space when you use the ceiling plane as a design element” says Deb Barnes, the Director of Interior Design with HGA Architects and Engineers, an American design firm.

What is a visible acoustic ceiling grid system?

A visible grid ceiling system means that you are able to see the grid between the tiles because the ceiling tile rests above the grid. This is traditionally the most economic acoustic ceiling solutions on the market and they create a simple and structured ceiling expression in a space that highlights the shape of the room.

Have a look at our ceiling tiles 600X600 for an example of an economic acoustic solution.

However, if you choose to have a visible ceiling system, but you would prefer to minimise the visible dominance of the grid, you can always opt to use a matt-white grid. For example, the Chicago Metallic™ Matt-white grid reduces the shine traditionally found on standard suspension systems, which can obstruct your white ceiling design, by picking up colours from other areas in the room, like the walls or floors.

The Matt-white grid was specially built with a textured surface that drastically reduces reflections found on standard metal surfaces. The finished installation of a visible grid ceiling system, combined with the Matt-white grid, gives an almost monolithic finish at a cost-effective price.

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A visible ceiling solution that looks as good as it sounds

When Skanska designed the new offices for Solna United, the plan called for a pleasant and homely atmosphere. The matt-white grid, combined with the sleek, streamlined acoustic solution, gives an almost monolithic finish to the ceiling. The modern design and great acoustics create an inclusive workplace for all employees. To achieve this, much attention was given to ensure that all the design elements worked perfectly together. Rockfon Blanka A-edge, 600X600, and the Matt-white 11 grid were chosen specifically to get the right feel for this office space.

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Image Rockfon Blanka®, A-edge, 600X600.

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You can really influence the fit and feel of a space when you use the ceiling plane as a design element

Deb Barnes

Director of Interior Design with HGA Architects and Engineers

What does a semi-concealed ceiling system look like?

A semi-concealed grid uses the acoustic ceiling tile edge, which protrude below the suspension system, to cover some of the grid. This provides more depth and texture to the ceiling, creating shadows and colouring that helps give a distinctive appearance to the ceiling, contributing to the overall architectural expression of the room.

There are many different edge tiles that can be used with a semi-concealed ceiling system. You can use different edges to give you a wider or narrow gap between the profiles. Let’s have a look at a few acoustic ceiling tile edges that can be used to give you a great visual design.

  • An E-edge ceiling tile is fitted in to a suspension system where the ceiling tile edges protrude from the grid. This makes the ceiling look like it is floating under the suspension system.


  • An M-edge ceiling tile is a deeply recessed suspension system, which means that the tile edge juts out more than on other semi-concealed systems. The M-edge gives a beautiful shadow effect on the finished ceiling.

Let's add some colour

When you choose a semi-concealed acoustic ceiling system, it is a great opportunity to play with colours on the grid. You can choose, for example, to have a white E-edge ceiling tile and a black suspension grid, or any other colour. This will create a beautiful pattered ceiling with long lines that accentuates the ceiling.

You can also choose to combine a coloured ceiling tile with a white grid. Have a quick read about the power of designing your ceiling with colour.   


HQ finds the perfect marriage of acoustics and aesthetics

A new Danske Bank flagship building, designed by Arkitema, recently opened its doors in Aarhus. To achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and wellbeing, Arkitema chose Rockfon Blanka ceiling tiles with an E-edge because the lines in the ceiling draw the eyes further through the space, enhancing the feeling of openness.

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Image: Rockfon Blanka, E-edge 24, 1200X600

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A visible grid ceiling system for a newly renovated office space

An Italian steel producer for the shipping industry decided to renovate their existing office into a bright modern working space. Architect Rocco de Lentinis wanted the office to be a place where people were happy to spend their day working. A major priority for the project was finding the right match of acoustic comfort and elegant design - de Lentinis found both with Rockfon Blanka and the elegance of the E-edge ceiling tile.

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Image: Rockfon Blanka, E-edge 24, 600X600

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I wanted to give the office an elegant feel, and I felt the E-edge captured the most elegance.

Rocco de Lentinis


Concealed modular suspended ceiling system

A concealed ceiling system gives you a minimalistic finish because the ceiling tile edges conceal the suspension grid. This is the perfect ceiling tile edge if you are looking for a modular ceiling that has a simplistic aesthetic finish.

There are different concealed edge tiles to choose from, but a fun concealed ceiling tile is the X-edge.

The X-edge ceiling tile is a great example of a concealed ceiling system. The X-edge tiles can be suspended on a grid or even mounted directly on the soffit by using direct fixing brackets. The bevel between the tiles is smaller than the D-edge, so you can achieve a more seamless looking appearance.

Sound absorbing ceiling with an elegant and modern finish

The Arboretum in Hørsholm is an award-winning research institute that was designed by Architect Claus Francke. Natural materials are combined with a light-enhancing acoustic ceiling. Rockfon Blanka X-edge ceiling tile draws daylight further into the building, while the matt-white surface ensures that the it isn’t too bright for the eyes. The result is that the indoor climate and visual comfort are enhanced for both staff and visitors.

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Image: Rockfon Blanka, X-edge, 1200X300

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We combined this with an acoustic ceiling from Rockfon. It was crucial to get an acoustic solution that didn’t compromise the interior design – so this is what we went with. The acoustic ceiling has a concealed grid system and a matt white surface. In this way, the ceiling becomes an integrated part of the architecture.

Claus Francke

CEO of Claus Francke ApS

How to pick the right modular ceiling for your design

With so many different ceiling tile edges to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your next project. The possibilities are endless.

Planning to use a modular ceiling for your next project? Rockfon has you covered. We offer a wide range of acoustic ceiling tile edges for every need.

If a ceiling tile 600X600 isn’t suitable for your design, we have other amazing acoustic solutions to offer. Have a look at some of our other solutions, Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic, Rockfon Eclipse® or Rockfon® Universal™ Baffle