Rockfon® Senses: Bring a Fresh Look with Natural Elements for Every Sense

Fresh, modern, biophilic design crafted from Alpine flowers, grasses, and leaves. Rockfon Senses combines organic materials with highly performing acoustic soundscapes.

rockfon senses

Rockfon® Senses with the surface 'leaves'

Foster Biophilic Design with Elements of Nature

Life on earth is changing as we face an escalating environmental crisis, pandemic diseases, and challenges arising from living in a complex and highly digitised global society. It’s clear proof that we need to act and change the perception on how we influence our surrounding environment. In fact, it has created a trend, where design solutions shift to a more sustainable profile, focusing on well-being and its impact on people and the planet.

‘People will invite nature inside by using colours and natural materials. The growing awareness of holistic design - focusing on sustainability and the need to reconnect with nature - is the main driver for future design solutions. There will be increasing awareness on how our surroundings influence our behaviour and I would expect people will want things they can touch and feel. The holistic design approach will influence how products and solutions support well-being and helps people connect with nature,’ said Christian Klinge, Innovation Director at Rockfon.

Natural materials, natural daylight, and green plants are at the core of the biophilic design trend. Humans have evolved to work in and with nature. Even though we live in an urban industrial society, we still benefit from interacting with nature. Designing with natural materials helps us reduce our carbon footprint and trigger health benefits — such as lowering blood pressure and stress symptoms.

Design Interior Spaces That Embodies Every Senses

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to spaces with natural light, fresh air, and greenery. This affinity, also known as biophilia, is deeply rooted in our DNA. However, modern advancements in industrialisation and digitalisation have resulted in environments that cut us off from many of these basic experiences.

A new era is starting, and we want to reconnect with nature as this disconnection has proven to have negative effects on our overall health and well-being. With more than 90% of our time spent indoors, the trend of using organic materials in interior spaces is more important than ever, evoking emotions and feelings. Interior design should appeal to every sense where all elements are added to create the perfect indoor environment.

Our senses play a significant role in how we experience and respond to our surroundings. Our brain interprets touch, smell, sight and sound to create a multisensory experience and the information it receives influences our mood, behaviour, and overall well-being in a space.

A Smell-Good Place

A pleasant scent has the power to improve our mood and create the urge to stay longer inside. The natural essences from plants and other natural materials balance, harmonise, and promote a healthy environment. They are the connection link for inspiration and a positive association between the space and the occupants. Diffusing a natural aroma to the workspace environment can effectively help employees to relax and focus.

A Sound Acoustic Environment

Setting the right tone for your interior is essential, as you don’t want your space to be either full of noise and disturbances or completely silent. A balance needs to be struck between quiet and great sound. Many studies have shown that unwanted noise negatively influences our concentration. It makes us irritable as every movement can trigger us to feel uncomfortable. Interiors should be able to absorb unwanted noise and balance it with acoustic measures to make a design that looks as good as it sounds.

The holistic design approach will influence how products and solutions support well-being and help people connect with nature.

Christian Klinge

Innovation Director at Rockfon

Tactile-Focused Interiors

The textures of interior elements can significantly influence how a space looks and feels. Choosing a visual aesthetic appeal with carefully selected textures, surfaces, and materials can promote comfort and encourage interaction. Incorporating natural elements can boost happiness and well-being as it connects us. A combination of hard and soft materials, rough and smooth, will ensure a balanced space.

A Visually Appealing Scene

The look of the design is appealing to the most obvious sense of ours. How it looks, the colour scheme, lighting, and the use of natural elements will influence our mood, productivity, and well-being. The look requires careful consideration as it stimulates a desired response, where colours is one of the key components to link the interior to a brand or a specific emotion. It triggers certain moods which aligns with the aesthetic vision and the designed feeling of the space.

Add Contemporary Biophilic Texture to Your Designs with Rockfon® Senses

Crafted from fragrant Alpine meadow flowers, grasses, and leaves, Rockfon Senses acoustic panels capture nature’s tactile beauty and adds a breath of fresh air into your interior design.

We believe that it's important to design for every sense. That’s why we partnered with Organoid Technologies GmbH of Austria to create this product line — combining the best-in-class sound absorption properties of stone wool and the naturally beautiful materials of Organoid®.

Rockfon Senses is designed to create biophilic spaces by bringing nature’s beauty to the indoor environment. In addition to excellent acoustic performance, the naturally comforting textures create an out-of-this-world experience that evokes occupant’ every senses. Furthermore, the materials used to create these textures from nature are 100% organic and sustainably sourced. Using these materials, the product is hand finished in a CO2 neutral facility, so by using Rockfon Senses, you are contributing greatly to fostering the growth of the green architecture trend.

‘Rockfon Senses is easy to incorporate into your design. The range of wall panels come in a choice of five natural surfaces – from fresh spring florals to delicate fallen leaves or textured alpine hay. After picking the surface that compliments your space, the installation takes only a few minutes, it is just as easy as hanging a picture on the wall. Plug and play. Invite a piece of nature into your space and enjoy the calm and stress relief that green surroundings offer with class A noise absorbing properties,’ said Marie Oskarsson, Product Manager at Rockfon.

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