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Fire safety

Can Rockfon ceilings be used for fire resistance and fire protection?

Yes. Rockfon ceilings are made from ROCKWOOL stone wool - resin bonded mineral wool, which has a very high melting point and remains stable at high temperatures. A variety of Rockfon ceiling tiles, used in conjunction with appropriately installed Chicago Metallic™ grid, can be used for fire resistance and fire protection applications up to and including 60 minutes. Details are available upon request.

Does Rockfon have a system that can provide 30 minutes fire rating (integrity and insulation)?

Yes – however, it must be borne in mind that the insulation criterion is met in conjunction with a floor structure above the ceiling as tested in accordance with e.g. BS 476 Part 21. Typical floor structures include, concrete, timber, and a combination steel and timber etc.

Rockfon does not provide ceilings that in their own right achieve 30 minutes INSULATION. E.g. HTM 60 and SHTM 60 recommends the use of ceilings that have been shown capable of achieving 30 minutes integrity (in accordance with BS 476 Part 22) - but that suspended ceilings should not be used for fire protection purposes in a hospital - this is also reinforced by DOH* - this being due to the conflicting needs for accessibility though suspended ceilings regardless of what they are constructed from.

*extract from HBN10 3.10 Demountable ceiling systems must not be required to provide or contribute to the fire resistance of the elements of structure or to the fire containment principles such as the enclosure of hazard rooms, because access requirements to services in the ceiling void may render them incompatible with achieving the fire-resisting performance.

Rockfon supports this recommendation and confirms that that the use of Rockfon ceilings which are made from ROCKWOOL stone wool - resin bonded mineral wool - in healthcare premises contributes to additional fire safety, quieter hospitals and peace of mind for specifiers, installers and building users.

What is the fire rating of Rockfon ceilings?

The reaction to fire classification of the majority of Rockfon tiles and Chicago Metallic™ grid is A1 – the safest possible.

The A1 classification means that products / materials are non-combustible - the safest reaction to fire rating possible. While it is an excellent indicator of fire safety it has no direct correlation with the fire resistance capability of a complete ceiling system in which the ceiling grid, the interaction of the tiles with the grid and the integration of any services in the ceiling should be taken in to account to determine overall fire resistance capability measured in terms of time in accordance with specific test criteria.

How does stone wool prevent the development or spread of fire?

Stone wool is the safe basis of all Rockfon products. It is made from basalt rock which is by nature noncombustible.

Rockfon has invested heavily in fire testing and related developments.

Behaviour of different materials according to the standard time/temperature curve of Fire resistance standard ISO 834. To contribute to the prevention of the devastating effects of fires, two European regulations apply to construction materials:

Reaction to fire

Fire resistance

What does fire resistance measure?

Fire resistance indicates how well a building element can hold back fire and prevent it from moving from one room to another for a stated period of time.

It measures 3 criteria:

R: Load bearing capacity
E: Integrity
I: Insulation

The fire-resistant properties of stone wool ensure Rockfon ceiling tiles provide excellent fire protection.

How is the ignitability of any given material classified?

The EU Reaction to Fire evaluation criteria (EN 13501-1) measure a material’s ignitability, rate of heat release, rate of spread of flame, rate of smoke emission, toxic gas emission, flaming droplets/particles and/or a combination of these safety aspects.

A1 is the highest classification. A1 products do not contribute to the development and spread of fire. They generate neither smoke nor flaming droplets.

Most Rockfon ceilings are rated A1.