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Moisture and humidity

How dimensionally stable are Rockfon products under humid conditions?

In buildings under construction which are not yet hermetically sealed or where materials have not dried out, moisture problems can occur. Additionally, in wet rooms such as swimming pools, kitchens and sanitary areas, humidity levels can be exceptionally high.

Humidity can weaken the structure of certain ceiling materials and cause them to sag. In extreme cases, they may even fall out of the grid. Equally, corrosion of metal parts can provide a hazard that should be avoided by installing suspended ceilings with enhanced corrosion resistant (ECR) grids.

Rockfon ceiling tiles are dimensionally stable at up to 100% relative humidity and can be installed at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C. No acclimatization period is necessary, and Rockfon ceiling panels can be installed in the early stages of construction (when the windows are not fully sealed) without any risk of distortion.

Their lightweight, yet stable non-hygroscopic character, minimizes the final weight of the fully-installed ceiling that also reduces the number of hangers needed for their installation. In accordance with EN 13964 our Chicago Metallic™ grid assortment is classified in four classes of grids,- A,B, C, and D- with B being the standard in regular conditions such as office, retail and schools. For environments with a high relative humidity (>90%) and high risk of condensation, Class D grids should be installed with Enhanced Corrosion Resistance.

For more information and conditions, please contact your local representative.

Are Rockfon ceiling tiles moisture resistant?

Yes, Rockfon ceiling tiles are moisture resistant and can be used in applications up to 100% Relative Humidity (RH) at up to 40º C. They have the added benefit of being non-hygroscopic, which means that they remain stable and do not absorb moisture from the atmosphere nor do they gain in weight or place additional loading on the support structure during their lifetime.

Do Rockfon ceiling tiles provide sustenance to micro-organisms / animals?

No, Rockfon tiles do not provide sustenance to micro-organisms / animals.

Can Rockfon ceiling tiles be used in swimming pool environments?

Many Rockfon ceiling tiles can be used in swimming pool environments. Application suitability can be found in the relevant product data sheet / application guidance on this website. They should always be used in conjunction with the relevant Chicago Metallic™ Enhanced Corrosion Resistant (ECR) grid and suspension components. For best long-term performance, we recommend that a warm roof construction is always specified in conjunction with swimming pool designs and that condensation risk analysis is essential.

Are Rockfon ceiling tiles hygroscopic?

No, Rockfon ceiling tiles are non-hygroscopic. This feature is a key performance parameter and contributes to many benefits when compared with traditional wet felted mineral fibre tiles:

  • enhanced longevity
  • enhanced suitability for use in a wide range of applications
  • tiles remaining stable and not increasing in weight when used in higher / varying humidity applications
  • no need to acclimatise tiles due to their inherent stability and superior moisture / humidity resistance