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Can Rockfon Ceilings be recycled?

Yes. Any age of Rockfon ceiling tile, i.e. off cuts at construction stage and tiles at end of useful life, can be recycled in the UK.

Rockfon and sustainability?

As part of the ROCKWOOL Group’s portfolio, the core of everything we do is linked in our purpose to release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

Our products help our customers and their communities to tackle the challenges of modern life, by providing comfort, safety and resource efficiency. Stone is the core, raw material we use to produce our stone wool and it is the bedrock on which we have founded our business.

We continuously strive to support your sustainability ambitions regardless if you are looking to certify your whole building according to a sustainability scheme or focusing more narrowly on, among other things, on circularity, low emissions, indoor climate or responsible sourcing.

We transparently document and communicate the sustainable profile of our products using our Product Sustainability Declarations, designed around the major sustainability building schemes and our EPDs.

What is the European Waste Code for Rockfon ceiling tiles?

The European waste code for Rockfon tile off cut ‘recyclate’ is 170604.