Lunch & Learn: Architectural acoustics for interiors and design

This is an accessible introduction to acoustics in interiors. Light on heavy technical detail, rich in examples of good and bad practice, you will learn how to control acoustics in even the most challenging environments.

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Mondrian Hotel, South bank, London

Like raw urban interiors with high ceilings, exposed concrete pillars, chrome pipes and steel beams; we’ve seen some awful examples in offices which might look beautiful, but are not so beautiful on the ear. Not being able to concentrate properly is very stressful.

We’ve also got some great examples of inspirational restaurant interiors from around the world, where careful consideration was given to acoustic control. Open concept dining, foodhalls, shipping containers, food-pick up within restaurants present many acoustic challenges. We will show you examples - from McDonalds to Michelin star restaurants – of what you can do to ensure your restaurant client gets repeat custom.

We’ll explain the difference between sound absorption, reflection, transmission and reverberation, to give you a basic understanding of the principles of acoustic control. Finally, as the world wakes up to the importance of well-being, we will highlight lots of research on the direct link between noise and our health. 


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