Joyful corridors

The aesthetic distinguishing feature of the school are colorful corridors. Each floor has a different color corresponding to one level of education: yellow is kindergarten, green — primary school, burgundy — secondary school. The P33 project required the use of colored ceilings in a frameless system. Rockfon Color-all acoustic ceilings with color-matched perimeter profiles in a matte finish were chosen.

Thanks to the fact that the colors of the corridors correspond to the school's logotype, the interiors strengthen the sense of school identity. Positive colors also affect the well-being of students and school staff. They calm down, allow you to rest mentally and introduce optimism.

Quiet rooms

Throughout the school, its common areas and classrooms, acoustic ceilings were assembled. In addition to the colorful Color-all, Rockfon Blanka tiles with an ultra-matte, smooth, perfectly white surface with a high reflectivity and light scattering were also chosen. This property contributes to energy savings and the creation of a comfortable indoor environment.

"We didn't do research. You could easily hear that it was too loud. We thought that silencing the space was necessary, because there is a lot of noise both outside and in homes. Our ears are irritated by it," said Jerzy Babiak, director of the Salesian School Complex DON BOSCO.

Thanks to the fact that the ceilings are characterized by the highest class of sound absorption — Class A, a quiet space has been obtained in which you can express yourself naturally, without raising your voice. This greatly helps teachers in conducting lessons, and students in acquiring knowledge. The effects of proper acoustics can also be seen in their better well-being.

Don Bosco Salesian School Complex in Wrocław

Ul. Boleslawa Prusa 78
50-318, Wrocław

We started by choosing the color of the floors, because here there are the most restrictions, then there were walls, ceilings and door joinery. For me, it was very surprising that we managed to perfectly match the colors of the ceiling. Rockfon's offer is very wide in this respect.

Aleksandra Doniec

Architect & Owner P33

Don BOSCO Salesian School Complex, Wrocław, Poland

Location:Wrocław, Poland
Architect:arch. Aleksandra Doniec, P33 Pracownia Projektowa
Installer:Tres Michał Skrzos
Photographer:Bartosz Makowski
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®, Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:1200 x 600

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