A New Era of Education Begins in Ridderkerk

A new school for the entire spectrum of VWO, HAVO and VMBO students has opened in Ridderkerk, and it's unlike any other school you've seen before. DP6 Architecture Studio from Delft was given the task of designing a building that would provide an inspiring atmosphere for each study program, with as few corridors as possible, and with learning plazas that promote encounters between students. But that wasn't the only challenge faced by the architects.

Acoustic Perfection

According to Robert Alewijnse, architect partner at DP6 Architecture Studio, one of the most important requirements for the school was good acoustics. "I'd rather have an ugly building with good acoustics than the other way around. Especially in the high hall, where students gather, good acoustics are essential,” he says. The architects used a suspended ceiling in the classrooms and corridors to achieve the required acoustic values. But in the practice rooms and music rooms, they needed a separate solution.

In the high void, the architects wanted to create a different atmosphere by installing Rockfon Contour. These acoustic products are known for their high sound absorption value, but they also look good. The problem was that there were nearly a thousand baffles to be installed, and the architects needed a system that was easy to adjust and could withstand wind loads.

Collaboration for a Custom Solution

This is where Rockfon and Muller Afbouwgroep came in. Together, they developed a special suspension system that was flexible enough to withstand wind loads and easy to adjust, while ensuring that no baffles would come loose and fall down. Avinash Ramautar, work planner at Muller Afbouwgroep, explains that the baffles varies in thickness, which added a level of complexity to the installation. "We had to screw the suspension system of the baffles at different heights to the constructive part of the ceiling. They are elements of 1.20 m long without steel frames and in different heights. These are specially made for this project."

Ramautar highlighted the importance of this system, stating "It's great how such a new product is created through the interaction of producer and processor." This new system will be recommended by Muller Afbouwgroep for mounting large quantities of baffles, making it a showcase for both the company and the school.

The acoustics in the high hall, practice rooms, and music rooms are perfect, thanks to the unique suspension system and the use of Rockfon Contour. And the learning plazas and classrooms are designed to promote encounters between students, making this school a place where everyone has their own little world, but also a place where they can come together and learn from each other.

Unique Design and Innovative Suspension System

Gemini College's unique design is highlighted by its organic shape and many rounded corners. Additionally, special products were used in construction such as Rigitone front wall and acoustic decoupling of the ceilings to achieve the desired acoustic values.

Overall, Gemini College represents a perfect example of how an interconnected and engaging environment can be created, providing the perfect setting for education to take place.

Gemini College

Sportlaan 16
2982 SN, Ridderkerk
The Netherlands


Gemini College

Architect:DP6 architectuurstudio, Delft
Installer:Muller Afbouwgroep, Eindhoven
Photographer:Muller Afbouwgroep, Eindhoven
Tiles:Rockfon® Contour
Edges:A, Ac
Dimensions:600 x 600

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