The Design Group has been invited to design the interiors of the Polish global office of Infor. The task of the designers was to create a spacious space that takes into account the specific work of programmers. "By joining this project we wanted to create a sustainable and functional work environment that is user-friendly and tailored to their needs. We put a lot of focus on the proper acoustics, lighting and ergonomics that support the efficiency of IT professionals with different specializations,"said interior designer Konrad Krusiewicz, The Design Group.

A characteristic feature of the designed interior is a subtle combination of different styles, which resulted in the creation of an original, bold and interesting space. Industrial trends are visible here in the severity of concrete pillars and walls as well as natural brick and visible elements of installations running along the ceilings. The expression of elegance was introduced by wooden elements, marble details and classic, minimalist furniture. Interestingly, the open space ceiling space has been placed on which Rockfon Mono Acoustic and Rockfon Eclipse acoustic islands are dynamically arranged with linear tubes inserted between them. "We left open, white-painted ceilings, and above the desks we hung acoustic structures and adapted lighting, which provide open space employees with excellent working conditions, a sense of space and stimulate their creativity," added Emilia Wójcicka, designer of The Design Group.

The Rockfon Mono Acoustic acoustic panels in white are also mounted in a large, mobile conference room, where the dark tone dominates on the walls and ceiling.

Infor Polska Sp. Z o.o.

Piłsudskiego 69
50-019 Wrocław

We owe the panels not only to very good acoustics, but also to the unusual appearance of the ceiling. Such design definitely deviates from the cliché solutions of a full suspended ceiling, which makes most offices look very similar. The solution used in our office guarantees a modern and spatial appearance of the surface, and is also highly aesthetic.

Dagna Toporowska

Representative - Infor Poland

Infor Polska Sp. Z o.o.

Architect:The Design Group
Photographer:Bartosz Makowski
Tiles:Rockfon Eclipse®, Rockfon® Mono Acoustic
Dimensions:1160 x 1160

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