Co-working building gets a beautiful facelift with great acoustics 

The Solutions Rent Co-working Office building is located in the newly renovated Raczyński tenement, the pearl of Warsaw architecture. "Although it has a fully functional office interior, the style resembles a cosy café or flat. Elegance and attention to detail are all about its high quality "- said Emilia Wójcicka, designer responsible for the interior design of the office. 

Creating a stylish co-working interior was a challenge for the designers. They had to provide ideal conditions for the work of constantly changing users who have a different style and specificity of work. The interior had to be diverse, give the opportunity to find the right place to work, allow for free communication, stimulate creativity and inspire. Therefore, the rooms differ from each other. 

The design base of the interior has become a classic and timeless combination of white, black and grey, which were enriched with bold colours on the walls in the creative work rooms, various upholstery fabrics, paintings and carpets. The glazing and doors used muntin’s and the walls were stuccoed. This interior is a stylish design with attention to the smallest details.

Acoustic comfort in the conference rooms was ensured by Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic ceiling. The designers chose this solution because of its minimalistic design, which perfectly matched the elegant interior.

Solutions Rent Co-working Office

Solutions Rent Co-working Office
plac Stanisława Małachowskiego 2,
00-001 Warszawa,

Acoustic products used in interiors must perfectly fulfil their purpose, but above all, be imperceptible, integrated into the plane on which they are located. It seems to me that this is what interior designers in Poland and in the world are striving for.

Emilia Wójcicka

Designer - The Design Group

Solutions.Rent Co-working Office

Architect:The Design Group
Photographer:Bartosz Makowski
Tiles:Rockfon Eclipse®, Rockfon® Mono Acoustic
Dimensions:1160 x 1160

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