With 349 branches, the Netherlands-based car dealer group Van Mossel Automotive Group continues to witness growth bolstered by acquisitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Channel Islands.

Like all other branches, its "Autostrada" location in Rotterdam, a Mercedes-Benz dealership, underwent renovation to reflect the Van Mossel corporate identity. The architecture firm Architektenburo Guido Bakker and the construction company DAS Bouwsystemen worked together to bring the project into completion.

Comfortable acoustics ensure that all customer attention is on the Mercedes-Benz models, including the iconic A-Class, C-Class, and AMG GT.

Remaining Faithful to the Automotive Group's Interior Branding

Wilco van Engelenburg, who specialises in designing for the automotive industry at Architektenburo Guido Bakker, is behind approximately forty branches for the Van Mossel Automotive Group, and for various car brands. “Van Mossel branches have a beautiful presentation of their cars. From the outside, each branch should stand out in a row of comparable showrooms”, he says. “Mercedes-Benz works a lot with round, organic shapes. The Van Mossel corporate identity is subtly added to this”.

Like Architektenburo Guido Bakker, DAS Bouwsystemen has been collaborating with the group for years now – over a decade, with a focus on renovations. “Van Mossel has its own corporate identity that standardises our activities”, says project planner Berry Maas. “But each branch has its own specific approach to details. For example, we applied an addition at one of the branches in the city of Waalwijk. The ceiling there is crooked. By levelling a cove, it appears as if the ceiling is sloping. It’s a nice optical effect”.

The company typically encounters steel deck buildings during these projects. “These are often industrial buildings with many stimulating factors. Our task is to upgrade these buildings to a more modern standard look”, adds Maas.

At the Autostrada branch in Rotterdam, adherence to Mercedes-Benz’s corporate identity required the concealment of certain structural elements. This resulted in varying ceiling heights and surfaces, effectively managed through soffits and bulkheads.

Addressing Car Dealership Acoustics

Acoustics need to be considered in car showrooms due to the nature of these spaces. “Van Mossel Automotive Group has been setting specific requirements for the acoustics in the showrooms for about five or six years. Where previously car showrooms, often due to the use of hard materials such as glass facades and hard floor coverings, were known as ‘reverberation chambers’, there is an almost pleasant tranquillity at the Van Mossel Automotive Group branches when it comes to acoustics”, explains Van Engelenburg.

Rockfon Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles were installed at the Autostrada branch. The tiles further enrich the design palette, with white, black, and grey hues predominantly used in larger dimensions for a serene ambience. The tiles, accompanied by coloured Chicago Metallic suspension systems in matching matte tones, create visually harmonious spaces.

“We generally recommend Rockfon Color-all for showroom applications”, explains Rockfon Area Sales Manager Corné van Meer. “The tiles are available in thirty-four different colours. At the Van Mossel branches, white, black, and grey are employed”.

Additionally, Rockfon Krios acoustics panels of a similar size facilitate zoning within showrooms, aligning seamlessly with Van Mossel’s pursuit of high-quality finishing and premium material usage.

“The acoustic performance of the showrooms is very good. You feel a sense of peace, which contributes to the customer experience. Customers shouldn’t be disrupted. Their focus should be on the cars”, concludes Maas.  

You feel a sense of peace, which contributes to the customer experience. Customers shouldn’t be disrupted. Their focus should be on the cars.

Berry Maas

Project Planner, DAS Bouwsystemen
Location:Rotterdam, Netherlands
Architect:Architectenbureau Guido Bakker
Installer:DAS Bouwsystemen
Photographer:Lucas van der Wee
Tiles:Rockfon® Tropic
Edges:A24, X
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1200 x 1200

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