Our improved and easy-to-use grid packaging

April 20, 2020

Several significant improvements have been made to the packaging of our Chicago Metallic T24 and T15 grids, making life easier for installers and distributors alike.

new packaging for grids

We’ve improved our popular T24 and T15 Chicago Metallic suspension grid range to meet market demands and simplify the installation process. Additionally, we’ve developed a new and smarter packaging that enhances the usability and functionality of our suspended ceiling grid boxes.

Easy to spot

The suspension grid packaging benefits from a visual make-over. It is now supplied with clear Rockfon branding, making the boxes easily identifiable in both the warehouse and on the job site.

Easy to carry and open

By adjusting the content of the box, they now weigh less than 20 kg and can therefore be carried by only one person, saving time on site. We’ve added a unique two-sided tear strip to the box, making it easy to open without the use of a knife or tool that could damage the grid. The tear strip allows you to easily access the profiles, which can be done with the boxes standing either vertically or horizontally.

Extra protection and optimised content

The extra “end protection” built into the box, safeguards the profiles against impacts that can happen during transportation and storage. It can be easily resealed, allowing you to safely store any unused profiles for your next project. To avoid waste and facilitate purchasing, the new Chicago Metallic packaging has been perfectly aligned by quantities. For every one box of main runners, you will need two boxes of cross tees.

Flexible Grid Installation

Looking to bring flexibility without sacrificing functionality, we have adjusted the slot distance on the Chicago Metallic T24 and T15 grid from 150mm to 100mm, giving six slots on every main runner per 600mm module, instead of only four. The change to the layout delivers increased flexibility when installing around ceiling service integrations, as the need for extra accessories to secure the ceiling is reduced. The decrease in slot distance saves installation time and reduces the need for on-site ad hoc solutions around service installations.

Rockfon/ Chicago Metallic Grid with new slot distance - vertical

What are you getting?

  • Increased ceiling lay-out & service integration possibilities thanks to the new slot distance of 100mm instead of 150mm.
  • The new tear strip allows for easy access to unload the profiles.
  • Ergonomic lightweight boxes suitable for one person to carry.
  • Extra end protection safeguards profiles from risk of impact during transportation and storage.