The Sound of What’s Possible: Introducing Rockfon Mono® Acoustic in Colour

April 16, 2024

Mono Acoustic can be flat or curved, installed directly to the soffit or into a suspended grid. And now, it’s available in any custom colour option. Discover the sound of what’s possible.

​​Salmon pink monolithic ceiling Rockfon Mono Acoustic​

Orac Experience Centre, Barcelona, Spain

Rockfon is pleased to introduce new colour customisation options for Mono Acoustic. The best-selling monolithic wall and ceiling solution is now available in Rockfon's curated 33 Colours of Wellbeing or any custom shade.

A unique acoustic solution, Mono Acoustic allows for monolithic, seamless, and curved looks that are unachievable with traditional ceiling tiles. All HVAC and maintenance hatches can be smoothly integrated into the render surface, creating a "single masterstroke" and allowing for its signature monolithic appearance.

Its Class A acoustic performance (αw:0.90-1.00), independently tested in certified laboratories using a measurement in accordance with ISO 11654, reduces noise and reverberation in a space to optimise acoustic comfort.

Now, with the introduction of customisable colours, we extend even greater flexibility, ensuring that Mono Acoustic not only meets but exceeds the diverse needs of our customers.

Frank Winters

Director of Monolithic Solutions at Rockfon