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Product Sustainability Declarations

To make it easy to document the impact of using Rockfon ceiling tiles to achieve certification schemes or building projects with sustainability ambitions, we have developed our Product Sustainability Declarations.

They contain information around topics such as recycled content, air emission labels, transparent material ingredient disclosure, the safety of our fibres and responsible sourcing.

Find our Product Sustainability Declarations here


Environmental Product Declarations

To communicate the environmental profile of Rockfon products, we publish our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

The EPDs are product specific and 3rd party verified according to the standard EN15804 and hence give you full points in the building certification scheme assessments.

Find our EPDs here


Recycling Service

Closed-loop recycling service and reclaimed construction materials

Rockcycle is our offer for you to easily contribute to the circular economy. Whether you are renovating or demolishing a building, separate used stone wool products and we will close-loop recycle them into new stone wool products


ISO 14001 certificates

To constantly improve our production, we operate our factories with leading environmental management systems.

Therefore, we also go through the 3rd party certification of those systems according to the standard ISO 14001 “Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use”.

Find our ISO certifications here


Safe Use Instruction Sheet

Our stone wool core is a non-hazardous material. This is supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Our materials are regularly screened against the REACH candidate list by an independent third party. Still as service Rockfon provides a Safe Use Instruction Sheet.


Sustainability Report

The sustainability KPIs for our production are part of the ROCKWOOL Group’s sustainability report. The report is informed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

The Groups performance on CO2 emissions is in addition regularly disclosed through international reporting platforms such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

We keep the loop closed

To move away from the current more linear consumption method, the circular economy reduces our material footprint by re-using materials efficiently and profitably. To have a resource efficient world we need to provide the most durable products while simultaneously using the least amount of resources.

 None of our factories send stone wool waste to landfill
 Get a fully sustainable closed-loop product. Stone wool is a reusable material
 Stone wool is a close-loop, fully recyclable material. We don’t down cycle, in fact, it can be recycled again and again...



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159.000 tonnes of stone wool were collected for recycling in 2019.

We upcycle waste from others

A complete understanding of the reuse options for a recycling stream (secondary material) needs to be considered when evaluating the sustainable profile of a product.

 We upcycle waste from other industries and create value, stopping them from being sent to landfill. We make use of waste material.
 We don’t divert any scares resources away from other industries.
 We heavily contribute to the circular economy.



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An abundant natural resource

Stone wool is an abundant resource and a sustainable construction material. Discovered in Hawaii at the beginning of the nineteenth century, our stone is a natural by-product of volcanic activity that is melted and then spun into natural fibres.

Earth produces 38,000 times more stone material than is used to make ROCKWOOL stone wool annually.





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Best in class air emission labels

When building interior spaces, major concerns are indoor pollutants, including formaldehyde, CH2O.

 Our products have been awarded the best-in-class indoor climate labels like the French VOC A+, Greenguard Gold, Finish M1, Blue Angel, Singapore Green Building Product Certificate, and the Danish Indoor Climate Label.
 All our products based on 2nd generation binder emit 10x less than what is recommended by the WHO. Our 1st generation binder products are also significantly below the WHO guideline.





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Our products are certified by the most rigorous labels and standards in the world for both formaldehyde and VOC emissions.

Magdalini Psarra

Public Affairs & Sustainability Manager, Rockfon

Safe non-hazardous materials

ROCKWOOL stone wool products are safe to live with, safe to install and safe to manufacture.

 This is documented in hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles over more than 55 years.
 The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) exempts stone wool from its list of “possibly cancer causing agents”
 Our stone wool core is certified to comply with the Note Q for safe mineral wool fibres of EU Regulations (EC) No 1272/2008 and Directive 97/69/EEC





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