Interior Designer Cecilie von Haffner had a vision for the restaurant, where nature and sustainability are invited in. In a crowded place like restaurant Lade 609, it was important to create a peaceful environment and add the biophilic trend into the interior.

Welcome the Biophilic Trend with Acoustic Comfort

Between Vesterbro and Sydhavnen, you will find the green and sustainable area of  BaneGaarden. Despite its location in the middle of the city, the restaurant offers a sense of nature in all aspects. The restaurant Lade 609, as the name suggests, is found in one of the nine old DSB wooden barns, which are renovated both inside and outside. The walls are equipped with Rockfon Senses to optimise the restaurant acoustics. This is so that the guests can enjoy their experience and it will fit in with the style and aesthetics of the restaurant.

The Interior Designer Cecilie von Haffner says: "It all began with a sustainable idea where we’ve run pure recycling style in everything. When you sit in the restaurant, you’re surrounded by natural shades. And with the acoustic wall panel: Rockfon Senses, crafted from Alpine flowers, everything matches the forest atmosphere."

Forest Vibe and Recycled Materials to Create the Right Atmosphere

The restaurant serves a picnic-like menu, and it takes the link to nature seriously as it’s decorated with sustainability in focus:

"The interior design is based on a sustainability idea, where recycling has been the driving factor in everything from furniture to service. All recycled goods, hand-picked with great care, help to create a natural expression with wooden furniture and earthy shades. These match the colour of the universe and blend into the surrounding nature," says Cecilie von Haffner, Interior Designer.

While the food is prepared over campfires in the outdoor kitchen, the guests can enjoy the view of a large birch tree. This creates the whole feeling of being out in the nature. To boost the forest feeling as much as possible, natural colours and materials are invited all the way into the table. The Interior Designer elaborates:

"When you sit in the restaurant, you are surrounded by natural shades — and the acoustic wall panels crafted from Alpine flowers — matches the forest atmosphere. It gives the feeling that we have been out in the woods and bring nature indoor while it creates a comfortable soundproof atmosphere." 

The Powerful Acoustic Solution Is Made by a Collaborative Partnership

Rockfon Senses are one of the newest wall absorber products in our portfolio. The wallpaper is made in collaboration with Organoid, a company in Austria, that makes wallpaper using dried flowers and plants.

The combination of acoustic properties and natural expression is an obvious choice in environments, such as Lade 609:

"With hard surface such as the concrete floor, there is a great need to soundproof the space and add an acoustic solution. When integrated some elements to fit the concept and decor, the space really needs something for the acoustics. It has been important to create a space, where you can enjoy your food in peace and quiet, and we achieve this with decor, good chairs, cosy atmosphere and not least with good sound," says Cecilie von Haffner.

Nature Looking Design Fits Perfect to the Raw Surroundings

The Senses wall absorbers with fragrant hay and flowers in different colours fit perfectly with the restaurant's aesthetic vision. This variant of Rockfon Senses can be offered in a total of five different designs that remind people of the Danish summer.

"The acoustic wall panels with floral texture also help to add a little extra colour to the decor. The white, yellow, red, and blue flower petals match the other elements in the decor," says Cecilie von Haffner and continues:

"Out here in the barns, we have neither art nor posters on the walls, as we have gone for a natural expression that suits the raw environment, where beams stand free, and graffiti has been allowed to remain. Here, the flower canvas function as small works of art. Not two are alike, and it gives natural life to the otherwise bare surfaces."

Makes Good Sense to Combine Nature and Acoustics

At Rockfon, we have no doubt about the potential that lies in letting nature and good sound absorption go hand in hand:

"Both our well-being and efficiency are strongly affected by the acoustic conditions in a room. We know, for example, from studies that employees in open office landscapes often have difficulty concentrating and are up to 15 percent less productive. Therefore, there is a lot to be gained by combining acoustics and nature," says Katja Rundqvist, Marketing Manager at Rockfon, about the ideas behind the new product.

"Moreover, there is no doubt about the positive effect of nature on us humans. When we do not have the opportunity to get out into nature, it makes extra good sense to invite it inside the interior, where we benefit from nature's positive impact on human physiology and psychology."

It is not just restaurants like BaneGaarden that can be seen inviting Rockfon Senses inside, Katja Rundqvist concludes:

"In receptions and other places with high ceilings, there are often acoustic problems. Here, Rockfon Senses can be almost like a piece of art that not only improves the acoustics, but also gives a boost visually and experientially. It's better for our well-being and indoor climate when we stay in an environment where the acoustics are carefully tuned — especially if the sense of nature is at the same time added in the equation."


Otto Busses Vej 45a,
2450 Copenhagen

The acoustic wall panels with floral texture also help to add a little extra colour to the decor. The white, yellow, red, and blue flower petals match the other elements in the decor

Cecilie von Haffner

Interior Designer, Banegaarden
Acoustic ceiling solution:

Rockfon Senses, 1160x1160

Acoustic ceiling solution:

Rockfon Senses, 1160x1160

Acoustic ceiling solution:

Rockfon Senses, 1160x1160

Acoustic ceiling solution:
Acoustic ceiling solution:
Acoustic ceiling solution:
Acoustic ceiling solution:


Architect:Cecilie von Haffner
Photographer:Svend Christensen
Dimensions:1160 x 1160

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