Tripla’s sound world softened with the help from Rockfon

A massive construction project required a high-class acoustic solution. Tripla is a large-scale construction project lasting more than a decade in Pasila, Helsinki. One significant milestone was when a shopping centre built in the block, as well as a train station and a hotel running in the same complex, opened. The modern and acoustically challenging architecture of the premises required a lot from the designer of the sound environment - as well as from the supplier of the acoustic panels. And Rockfon became the supplier as the acoustic product portfolio covered the different needs of the building, and it was the all-time biggest order in Finland.

From unsustainable to sustainable soundscapes

With the location and the amount of people visiting every day, it calls for an acoustic solution. Otherwise, the Mall of Tripla would have a more than uncomfortable sound environment.

According to Rockfon Reginal Sales Manager, Jari Kivistö, the space would have been a cocktail of noise, and unpleasant where people wouldn’t feel comfortable in the corridors or the station.

He continues: “The station square without acoustic solutions would have been dominant in its soundscape, but not in a soft way, as we know in churches. The church is usually perceived as pleasant in its acoustics, although it’s also a high, spacious and large cohesive space. The functional acoustics of the shopping centre's corridors are also based in our acoustic panels, which are hidden on the back of the slewed ceiling.”

The Mall of Tripla also includes a block of office spaces found on the station side creating a demand for an atypical acoustic solution to keep the room height of the space. With a hidden mounted Sonar X-edged plate, only giving a small path for cabling. The radiation panels had to be hung under the acoustic panels to save energy consumption when heating or cooling spaces.

A seamless and monolithic surface with Rockfon Mono

The best possible damping was needed for the opening and high space in the Mall of Tripla. They opted for Rockfon Mono Acoustic as the ceiling mounted acoustic panel giving A class damping. The specialty of Rockfon Mono Acoustic is its seamless, uniform and monolithic look – and the free choice whether it should be flat or curved, the Rockfon Mono Acoustic adapts to alle the shapes of the ceiling.

In this case, the monolithic ceiling was formed over the escalator, flanked by a halo-like sunken light strip. Rockfon Industrial acoustic baffles were installed behind the aluminium surface and the solution gave an elegant structure with a very sound-absorbing surface.

Rockfon Sonar® has been replaced by Rockfon Blanka® - our whitest ceiling tile ever.


Fredikanterassi 1,
00520 Helsinki

The functional acoustics of the shopping center's corridors are also based on our acoustic panels, which are hidden on the back of the slewed roof.

Jari Kivistön

Rockfon Reginal Sales Manager

Tripla Mall

Location:Helsinki, Finland
Architect:Arkkitehdit Soini & Horto, Sweco Architects Oy
Tiles:Rockfon® Industrial Black, Rockfon® Mono Acoustic
Edges:A, D
Dimensions:1800 x 1200

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