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Tips and Tricks on How to Make a Small Office Look Bigger

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March 2, 2023

It's no secret that the majority of companies begin in teeny, tiny office spaces. Even technology giant Apple began in a modest garage in the California suburbs.

However, although some small firms struggle in limited spaces, others succeed by making the most of what's available.

If you’ve been working in a small office, you don’t have to compromise your style. In fact, you can create a functional small office design that is productive, flexible and contributes to employees' well-being. These tips and tricks can get you started, or at least give you an insight into the latest office design trend.

1. Separate into Zones

Firstly, you need to consider the way your team works in your office. Are all their tasks completed in the same space? Do you have an area where you only do computer work, then you have an additional workstation that helps with completing something else? This is a perfect time to add work zones that break up the monotony of always being in one specific place and utilising every part of the space.

You need zones for everything — including the copier, conference area, and other spaces needed for a functional office. This can create a modern office design that enhances efficiency and productivity. Flip-down desks in different areas of the office can help employees, who need to concentrate on what they are doing, can benefit from this versatility.

In each zone, one or two flip-down desks along the walls can maximise the office space. Having spaces that aren’t labelled but zoned together for like minds helps get things done. These zones should support the flow of the design, allowing for transitions between low and high activity. This can help improve efficiency and productivity.

2. Get Flexible

Your space can have multi-purpose functions without compromising your needs. For instance, an open plan in a human-centric office can make a space feel significantly larger than it actually is. This adds space that would have ordinarily been taken up by walls.

In this space, you can create a collaborative situation where zoning will come in handy. You can have desks in a certain area, then a meeting room that can become something else when needed. The trick is to not limit yourself to what an area must be, but rather think of various ways you can use the space. 

In a small office, there may not be enough space to do what you want, but you can use practicality as a baseline for the design. Make sure the office furniture serves several purposes. For instance, you should consider using a large table and chairs for a conference room rather than a traditional setting.


Rockfon® Hub: Office Layout Matters

Capturing your needs while infusing wants is crucial in small spaces. From the types of furniture chosen to the colour selection, they all work together to create the ideal space. Using biophilia awareness within the design helps bring the outdoors inside. Organic materials used throughout the design create calming environments that enhance the work environment. 

Making the most of underused spaces, like creating private meeting spaces from closets within the office environment and knowing what you can do with the space, invites opportunities to be creative. Moveable desks and tables that also double as storage or other functions help keep the office organised while using spaces and accessories for many purposes.


Making a Statement with Rockfon® Canva

If your office needs great acoustics, Rockfon Canva acoustic artwork and panels make a definitive statement on the design aesthetic. The palette of 34 colours supporting the panels helps build the perception of the company with the mood, function, or brand. These wall panels are also customisable with unlimited design freedom.

With floor screens, wall panels, or hanging dividers, there is no limit to designing a small office with elegance and class. Rockfon Canva is modular with detachable canvases so you can have as many canvases as you want to refresh the look from time to time.