The trend in today’s architecture is on raw material and uniform surfaces. Rockfon Mono Acoustic fits with this trend and the ability to design with acoustics.

Peter Irmscher


Create spaces that flow as one

Create calm and undisturbed surfaces so the interior of a room can be the centre of attention. Seamlessly integrate ceiling and wall surfaces that create a singular expressions.

 Integrate it on ceilings and walls.
 Focus on achieving a calm interior with a completely concealed acoustic system.
 Create a singular expression.
Messner Mountain Museum,Italy,Plan De Corones - Brunico,350 m²,Zaha Hadid Architects,Mr Peter Irmscher,Skirama Kronplatz,Manuel Moling,Cristina Russo,ROCKFON Mono Acoustic,TE-edges,1200x1200x10,white
Monolithic design is possible
without sacrificing world class acoustics

High acoustic absorption with no compromise on design

With Rockfon Mono Acoustic, it’s possible to design spaces with beautiful finishes and high sound absorption. Let your inner artist loose and realize signature looks without compromising on superb acoustics.

 No compromise in sound absorption.
 Class A sound absorption (αw 0.95-1.00).
 It can be installed sloping, flat or curved, in a suspension grid or it can be mounted directly.
The Word,United Kingdom,South Shields,1.100m²,Steve Dickson,Senior Director at Faulkner Browns Architects,Daniel Reilly at Reilly Ceiling and Drywall,Ben Clarkson,Group Photographer for Bowmer and Kirkland,ROCKFON® Mono® Acoustic
DK, Nordea, Henning Larsen Architects, School, University, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, white
University of Southern Denmark
The Faculty of Engineering
SDU Det Teknologiske fakultet,DK,Odense,C. F. Møller A/S,Bygningsstyrelsen,Svend Christensen,ROCKFON Mono Acoustic
The Kaisa House Library
Kaisa House, library, ROCKFON, Mono Acoustic, Industrial Opal, 2012
Astrup Fearnley Museet
Mono Acoustic, museum 2012
Poznan Shopping Mall
Posnania Shopping Mall,Poland,Poznan,6.000 m²,SUF-SYSTEM,Bartosz Makowski,ROCKFON Mono Acoustic,Mono Direct TE, 
1200x900x40,1800x1200x40,white,Mono Ready Mix
SE, Stockholm Station, Leisure, Metro station, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, TE
Rockfon Mono landing page, Mono sample box

Product properties

Perfect for ceilings and walls, the innovative monolithic surface delivers outstanding acoustic comfort and fire protection

  • Sound absorption: αw up to 1.00
  • Sound insulation: Rw = 22
  • Reaction To Fire: A2-s1,d0
  • Light reflection: 87% 
  • Light diffusion: >99% 


The Netherlands, Residence Vries, Klaas de Jong, De Jong Ontwerpen, Leisure, Residence, private home, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, white

Product sample

Go to our samples library to order samples of Rockfon Mono Acoustic or any of our other beautiful sound absorbing ceiling tiles.

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Rockfon Mono landing page, Mono sample box