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Why Rockfon Acoustic Solutions Are Good for Well-Being?

Rockfon Brand & Communication Team
April 11, 2022

Our acoustic solutions are made from natural stone wool. This material has six unique features that can help people feel better mentally and physically.


Auditorium / Concert Hall in Sct. Lbs Skole in Horsens Denmark with Rockfon Blanka E-Edge

Stone wool has a series of benefits, and they’re performing well in all aspects. We want to highlight the product benefits and why they’re crucial to mention when we talk about well-being.  The acoustic ceiling and wall solutions aren't only delivering outstanding soundscapes but also secure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.   

1. Acoustics Panels: Sound Insulation and Sound Absorption   

We're surrounded by an invisible world of sound.  

The world of acoustics has an astonishing influence on our comfort, our overall productivity, and our well-being. It affects everything from how people learn in schools, to how people work in offices, to how patients heal in hospitals, and to how customers feel when they are eating. 

Sound Insulation vs Sound Absorption 

The most important difference between sound insulation and sound absorption is that sound insulation prevents noise from entering or leaving a space. Meanwhile, sound absorption is the process of absorbing sound waves within a room so that they do not cause echo. 

These two terms are the most commonly used in the acoustics industry, therefore it's beneficial to have a thorough understanding of both. 

There are many ways to block out sound. You can use soundproof doors, windows, or construction techniques. Explore our acoustics barrier solution: Rockfon® Soundstop™, which reduces noise transfer in ceiling and floor plenums.  

Sound absorption is sometimes referred to as acoustic treatment. This method entails decreasing or eliminating echo, reverberation, and amplification. In short, sound absorption improves sound quality within a space, rather than preventing sound transfer. Explore our acoustics ceiling and wall solution here 

Acoustic Management of a Room  

You need to think about how the right materials can help absorb sound when you are creating the best acoustic environment. The walls, floor, and background sound all play a role in making sure the room sounds good. Our high-performance acoustic solutions offer excellent sound absorption with a smooth, modern aesthetic that gives you the freedom to design.  

The sound absorption in the stone wool membrane in the acoustic ceiling or wall solution helps the students hear the teacher and employee better. This is because the disturbing noise is absorbed, instead of being heard by everyone.  


When designing a comfortable interior environment, we often think about cushions and chairs. But the invisible world of acoustics has a staggering impact on our comfort, as well as our overall productivity and wellbeing.

Top questions about acoustics, sound quality and noise

Let’s start by defining acoustics: ‘the quality of the room that determines the audibility and the fidelity of the sound in the room’. The level of architectural (room and building) acoustics can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. 

What Happens when Sound Turns into Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is an unseen threat. It exists both on land and beneath the sea, indoor and outdoor. In this article, we discuss the causes, the effects, and possible solutions to minimise the effects of noise pollution.

2. Interior Design: Play with Your Aesthetic Vision   

Aesthetic spaces influence us, we tend to feel comfortable and motivated when we’re surrounded by aesthetically pleasing spaces. When creating inspirational buildings, it’s important to remember to be flexible and aesthetically versatile materials that can make beautiful spaces a reality for people everywhere.  

The Influence of Interior Design   

Scientists are conducting extensive research on this topic as a result of the advent of neuroscience, and the results are astounding. They have demonstrated that interior design features can elicit either a favourable or negative emotional response in humans. These findings show that it is possible to create settings that change the way people feel by changing the decoration. This could lead to more people being creative and feeling calm in these settings. 

The design in your places can have actual psychological consequences on you. There is also scientific data to support this. For example, one study discovered that the hue of a college student's communal hall affected their ability to study. But it's not only about learning; décor may influence your enjoyment, attitudes, and even your body temperature in a certain space.  

Our acoustic solutions are both beautiful and effective in creating a comfortable space. They help improve our overall health and well-being. Our variety of edge designs, dimensions, colours, and shapes can help architects create spaces that people will enjoy looking at and listening to. 

3. Durability: Acoustic Solutions with a Long-Lasting Lifecycle 

Durable building materials are a better investment because they last longer. They also use fewer resources, create less waste, and the environmental impact of manufacturing is spread out over a longer period of time. In this way, durability is an essential aspect of eco-efficiency and sustainable production and consumption. 

Rockfon stone wool products are very durable and they perform well in acoustics, fire and moisture prevention. This allows specifiers to create the vision they have for a building that is cost-effective for the owner. 

No Mould, Mildew or Corrosion  

That's why stone wool is a powerful material. It doesn't corrode and it won't be affected by corrosion. What's more, stone wool is non-organic and vapour permeable. This means that it "breathes" with the activities of the building and dries out easily, even in moist spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.   

4. Natural Light: Its Power on Well-being   

We thrive on natural light, yet we've created a civilization in which we spend the majority of our time indoors and have limited access to it. 

Natural light helps our body to create Vitamin D, which is important for our health. It also helps us to have a good sleep and focus on things. Plus, it makes us happy! Getting enough of this crucial resource is critical to our physical and psychological well-being. 

According to recent studies, employees who work in offices with natural features like plants and sunlight report: 

  • 15% increased happiness  
  • 6% increased productivity 
  • 15% increased creativity 

Natural Light Creates Stress-Free Environments   

Light reflection measures how much light is reflected by a surface. Meanwhile, Light diffusion measures how the light is spread out when it comes in.
A perfect harmony of these two gives you a space that doesn’t need extra fixtures as the light is naturally guided through the area.   

Rockfon has a variety of bright white acoustic ceilings that are perfect for a better lighting experience. Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic and Rockfon Blanka® are two great examples. Not only do they look more beautiful than traditional suspended ceilings, but they are designed to create a brighter space with a better sense of well-being. 

The light reflection and diffusion properties of your surfaces directly result in the functionality and comfortability of interior space. You also save on energy spending as a ceiling with a light reflection of 87 % can potentially give an energy saving of up to 22.75 % per year.  

5. Fire Resistance: Acoustic Solutions Limit the Spread of Fire 

Stone wool is not only giving superior acoustics; it also performs excellently in resisting fire and improves the overall fire safety of your building. 

Rockfon stone wool acoustic panels do not create a lot of heat and are not flammable. This means that if there is a fire, the panels will not make the fire worse.  

This is why our products receive the best fire class certificates and guarantee an ideal component of safe, healthy, fire resilient buildings. 

20200210 RW-RF PHO 007094




Non-Combustible Products 

Most of our ceiling tiles and wall panels are rated A1, meaning that they do not contribute to a fire. Only a non-combustible product can be rated in the highest class A1. When used in conjunction with the Chicago MetallicTM grid, a selection of Rockfon ceiling tiles can provide fire resistance and protection for up to 60 minutes. 

Fire Resistance vs Fire Resilience  

Fire resistance relates to how effectively a substance withstands burning, whereas resilience refers to a building's ability to continue operating after the fire has been extinguished. 

A non-combustible ceiling reduces the chance of a fire spreading and, as a result, can assist minimise building damage. Both can be provided by our stone wool solutions. It can slow the spread of fire to save lives. It can also reduce fire-related damages, as well as the environmental, sociological, and financial consequences. 

6. Hygiene: Clean Tiles for a Healthy Indoor Environment   

The materials that a building is made of play a significant role in controlling how many bacteria and infections can spread. It is very important to look at how the products used in a building will influence the environment. 

Our medical and clean line of products helps you create a safe and clean environment. These products are treated carefully to make sure they meet the highest hygiene standards. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain   

Our acoustic solutions do not have any nutritional value. This means that they do not supply sustenance to harmful microorganisms and moulds that cause skin infections, pneumonia, and other airborne ailments. They come with a highly durable and water-repellent surface allowing you to clean with water and some diluted disinfectants to keep a high cleaning level. 


When people live and work in aesthetic spaces, they feel comfortable and motivated. In order to create inspirational buildings, architects need flexible and aesthetically versatile materials that can make beautiful spaces a reality for people everywhere.

Our vast selection of edge designs, dimensions, colours and shapes help architects create spaces that people can enjoy with their eyes and their ears.

Interior Colour Design for Well-being

Can you imagine a world without colour? Today, we have yellow, pastel yellow, shiny yellow, yellow ochre — and the list goes on. But did you know that colour can influence your mood and even impact the choices you make?


A truly durable material should last a lifetime, while providing top quality acoustics, moisture, fire resistance and eco-efficiency throughout each building. Stone wool is unique in its ability to do just that.

The Power of Light

The light reflection and diffusion properties of your surfaces directly result in the functionality and comfortability of an interior space. 

Fire Performance

Limiting the spread of fire. When you choose stone wool for your ceiling, you not only get superior acoustics, but you can relax knowing our materials also resist fire and improve the overall fire safety of your buildings.

The importance of hygiene

A building’s materials play an important role in limiting the spread of bacteria and infection, and now more than ever it is key to evaluate how a building’s products will influence its environment.