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Black acoustic ceilings in interior design

April 24, 2024

Black acoustic ceilings are most definitely in. For TV studios and cinemas, a black or charcoal ceiling has had very practical uses since the get go, but now we’re seeing more in restaurants, gyms, cultural institutions, offices, car showrooms and more.

Concert Hall in Satama Areena in Kotka Finland with Rockfon Color-all B-Edge in Charcoall

Concert Hall in Satama Areena in Kotka Finland with Rockfon Color-all B-Edge in Charcoal

Black ceilings in TV studios

A dark ceiling in a TV studio has many practical benefits:

  • It helps conceal technical equipment, including lighting fixtures, cameras and audio equipment, ensuring that the audience’s focus remains on the content being produced
  • It contributes to a more even distribution of light, which minimises glare and hotspots caused by excessive lighting
  • Black ceilings create a high-contrast backdrop, providing a sense of visual depth to the studio. This contrast helps emphasise on-screen elements, including sets, props, and performers, contributing to a visually dynamic and engaging production
  • A black ceiling is a neutral and versatile backdrop that complements various set designs and colour schemes. This flexibility is essential for TV studios that frequently change sets and themes for different shows or productions
Chinese TV Studio Sonar E-edge 600x600 Samson A-edge 1200x600 wall absorber HAT Polar Black Rockfon Color-all charcoal 2010

Black ceilings in restaurants

In restaurants, choosing a dark colour palette creates an intimate, cosy ambiance as the dark colour  absorbs natural light. A black ceiling is a perfect backdrop for an added layer of visual interest to a space, such as exposed beams and stylish lighting features. If the black ceiling is acoustic, it will reduce unwanted noise, allowing diners to focus on the flavours, aromas, and ambiance created by the restaurant team.

Restaurant in Le Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic et le Rockfon Color-all® Charcoal à l’honneur dans le projet de l’hôtel La Villa Castellane in Gréoux-les-Bains France with Rockfon Color-all

Black ceilings in museums and art galleries

In cultural institutions, black ceilings enhance the visual impact of the exhibited pieces. The contrast between the dark ceiling and the illuminated paintings, sculptures and artifacts allows visitors to appreciate the details of each piece.

Lighting in museums and galleries is carefully controlled to preserve and display artwork optimally. Black ceilings help control and absorb light, preventing unwanted reflections and glare to ensure the artwork is illuminated uniformly and consistently throughout the exhibition space.

Black ceilings are also ideal for multimedia presentations and projection displays. The dark surface serves as a perfect canvas for projected images or videos, allowing for immersive and dynamic multimedia experiences as part of an exhibition.

DE, Aalen, Limesmuseum, EGGER KOLB Freie Architekten, Lars Behrendt, Leisure, Museum, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, TE, 1800x1200, black, Chicago Metallic Monolithic

Black ceilings in car showrooms

Black ceilings in car showrooms accentuate the showcased vehicles, making them the focal point of the space.  The contrast between the black background and the vivid colours, curves, lines, and distinctive features of the cars provide heightened visibility of the details and craftsmanship of the vehicle.

The black ceiling also makes the showroom look exclusive and sophisticated. Sections dedicated to flagship models, limited editions, or high-performance vehicles benefit from the enveloping nature of the dark colour, creating an environment that feels like a premium car-buying experience. The use of strategic lighting fixtures against black backgrounds can enhance the illumination of vehicles, creating a showroom environment that is both visually appealing and conducive to showcasing the cars in their best light.

VW Showroom in Copenhagen with Rockfon Color-all Black in X-edge