How acoustic design affects the restaurant experience

9 out of 10 people say that background noise is the biggest problem they face when eating out. Noise affects the atmosphere but also has an impact on taste. Something to consider when designing a restaurant interior.

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The impact of sound on taste

Dining out in restaurants is not just about food. It is also about sound. Scientific research shows that acoustics, background music and noise levels affect not only the atmosphere but also the way we experience what we eat and drink. There is a direct link between the ear and the nose which might explain how and why noise affects our taste.

For example, classical music is said to enhance the perceived quality of food and wine. High-pitched musical notes can boost sweetness, while low notes accentuate bitterness. On the other hand, sound can also reduce taste, and loud background noise can negatively affect how we experience flavour and texture. So, when designing a restaurant décor, it is important to find the right balance between atmosphere and acoustics. And this goes way beyond adjusting the playlist or turning the volume up or down.

Open kitchens and hard surfaces

The modern restaurant design trend is a real challenge for architects to create the right acoustics. Hard surfaces and open kitchens cause noise to reverberate along the floors, ceilings and walls. It impacts the noise levels and the people’s comfort, and makes sound absorption crucial.

The quality of sound absorption is determined by the layout of the space and the materials used. Choosing to use quality and aesthetic acoustic solutions can help customers relax, enjoy their food to the max and… return.

Restaurant Palægade in Copenhagen chose, for example, the minimalistic Charcoal Rockfon Color-all® x-edge ceiling to realize a near seamless appearance and to keep customers in a relaxed and comfortable dining atmosphere. A tasteful solution, in every sense of the word.  

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