The number one office perk? Natural light

09 March 2020

Natural light is key to happy employees and a comfortable workplace. It improves wellbeing, concentration and productivity. But what can architects do when a building receives very little natural light? Find out how new innovations in light reflection and light diffusion are revolutionising the workplace.

SE, World Trade Center, Malmö, Horisont Arkitekter AB, Office, Rockfon Blanka, M-edge, 1200x600, White, Chicago Metallic 2890 T24 Click, OPen Plan Office
A ceiling with high light reflection with light diffusion can bring daylight 11% further into a space.

The Arboretum

To create a calm and pleasant environment for both employees and visitors, this award-winning building design combines natural building materials with a light-enhancing acoustic ceiling.

DK, Arboretet, Hørsholm, Claus Francke ApS, School, Rockfon Blanka, X edge, 1200x300, White