Future interiors point towards acoustic designs

1 January 1

Architects and interior designers are increasingly complementing the traditional visual aspects of design in favour of an environment that also satisfies the ears. Even in buildings that do not have acoustic regulations, acoustics is becoming a more influential factor in creating a comfortable environment for the people in them.

Office - Rockfon Mono Acoustic

Kinglsey Napley Offices in London with monolithic and seamless Rockfon Mono Acoustic

Add Acoustics as a Design Element to the Interior Canvas   

Modern interior designs are no longer solely focusing on visual aesthetics and presentation. With well-being high on the design agenda, the built environment needs to touch all elements and aspects of human life, including architectural acoustics.  

The sound environment has become a strong player on the architects’ or designers’ board. It doesn’t compromise with visual appeal but works in tandem to create an engaging experience for users, by playing with sounds that make them hear and interact without small disturbances.

We’ve all experienced struggling to concentrate in school. The office buzz negatively influences our productivity. These examples are often where the interior design focuses just on visual appeal, and not on the acoustics. Since humans spend 90% of our lives indoors, surrounding sound should be the core of our design focus.  

The current industrial design trend brings many hard surfaces into the interior design. With concrete walls and flooring, glass walls, and exposed ceilings, these materials simply can’t absorb the sound but simply reverberate it directly back, creating a noisy environment. By using outstanding acoustics, the interior space is in harmony, balanced between visual appeal and sound quality.  

Take Control of the Sound in Your Interior Design 

We’re surrounded by sound and whether you’re in the office, at school, or enjoying a movie in the theatre, you need to feel comfortable. Being able to concentrate, perform, and relax without losing attention is the key in all interior designs nowadays.

Our wellbeing is sensitive and being exposed to excessive noise can lead to high levels of stress, headaches, and influence our sleep.  

Manage Distractive Noises around the Office

Open plan offices usually aim for a more fluid workflow among colleagues, but it can be challenging due to excessive noise. The work environment needs to foster different work modes, either for collaboration or for concentrating on individual tasks.

Sound control using a high quality acoustic ceiling or wall solution will provide  the best possible acoustic control.


Image: Cellular Office with Rockfon Mono Acoustic in Spaces Platinium co-working office, Warsaw, Poland 

Cellular Office with Rockfon Mono Acoustic in Spaces Platinium co-working office, Warsaw, Poland

Turn Noisy Schools into Learning Hubs

In educational settings, interactions between teachers and students or between students and their peers are inevitable. Good acoustic improves the learning outcome, the performance, and the development.

For students, but also for teachers as it ensures that the information is mutually delivered. Special requirements for schools and noise levels demand acoustic solutions with high flexibility, where it can offer wall to ceiling solution or solutions build to resistant and withstand high impact. 


Image: Classroom in Eichendorff Realschule School in Gottmadingen Germany with Rockfon Eclipse

Classroom in Eichendorff Realschule School in Gottmadingen Germany with Rockfon Eclipse

Give Your Venue the Feel-Good Factor

Sound is a primary consideration when designing a leisure interior. It can ease the space, creating the perfect ambience to enhance the experience, set the tone, and the feel of the specific space.

A noise-absorbing ceiling or wall solution can soften everything from loud machinery to bubbly conversations.


Image: Camp Zero, Champoluc, Marco Maresca, Italy, Leisure, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, A-edge, 600x600x40

IT, Camp Zero, Champoluc, Marco Maresca, Leisure, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, A-edge, 600x600x40

Create the Sound of Good Health

The built environment in hospitals needs to generate the right atmosphere to keep the patients and caregivers comfortable, safe, and healthy. Noise from equipment, patients, staff and medical alerts can make the patients sleep less and recover slowly.  

That is to say, a noisy healthcare institution is an unhealthy one. With a good acoustic solutions, we can create a calm environment where patients can rest, heal, and feel more at home. 

Hospice Vangen, DK, Nørresundby, Friis & Moltke, Healthcare, Rockfon Blanka, E edge, 600x600, white

Sustain Your Interior Design with Our Acoustic Designs 

It is no doubt that noise absorbing solutions can affect positively on the performance and the attractiveness of the building from potentials buyers and tenants. Buildings having noise absorbing solutions are becoming more popular, more sophisticated, as well as they are more adjustable for the different purposes. The acoustic focus is now more commonly known and implemented in the start of the design process.  

These solutions also offer a greener and more sustainable profile. This matches with the sustainable movement in the design world, focusing on a greener construction plan and the choice of materials, including its durability, light reflection and diffusion, and fire performance.  Rockfon acoustic ceiling design has a long-lasting lifecycle where it has an eco-efficient performance where the materials consume fewer resources and create less waste.  

Why Should You Choose an Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Solution for Your Design?  

There are many options for add an extra finish to your dull ceiling and wall canvas. As an architect or interior designer, you know that the right design can make a big impact on how a space feels. And when it comes to creating a peaceful and productive environment, nothing beats the right acoustic ceiling and wall solution.

Rockfon offers a wide portfolio with acoustic design solutions giving the right acoustic element in your design, while bringing more natural light in. Our products guarantee giving a brighter atmosphere and clean canvas not contributing to VOC emission and spread of bacteria. We’re proud that 90% of our portfolio is Cradle to Cradle certified giving your interior a safe, sustainable partner that support a circular economic.  

Our acoustic solutions help elevate the interaction with sound design, influencing everything from performance in schools to offices to the way patients heal in healthcare facilities to the customer who feels a breeze when dining.